Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Confidence Can Get You Everywhere

It’s the third time a spot in upper management opens up and you are overlooked again. The result is an overwhelming feeling of self-doubt. The voices in your head repeat the idea that no one sees the hard work you do. No one really thinks the job you do is good enough.

This monologue plays and replays in the head of people dealing with a lack of confidence. What results is a self-perpetuating cycle, without taking steps to make oneself noticeable, one’s hard work and effort doesn’t always stand out as much.

Often times a lack of self-confidence stems from things that others have said years and years ago that play on repeat in our heads. If one heard negative things from parents, peers, teachers or colleagues, these voices remain. They can hold people back from making decisions that are in their best interest and that reflect confidence.

This lack of confidence and repetitive thought can also lead to anxiety. The anxiety is reflected in all sorts of actions that can undermine one’s performance. Your boss might see the anxiety reflected back in work production, presentation, and performance.

While someone with a lack of confidence sits and waits for their boss to notice their hard work, someone with a greater amount of confidence might waltz in and present their efforts. They might make their interest in upper management known to those around them. They might seek a mentor or an adviser in upper management to guide them. All of these actions take a great deal of confidence.

There are many ways of boosting self-confidence, but key is to change the voices and ideas that repeat in one’s head. In place of ‘you are no good at math’ one might hear ‘if you spend some more time with this, you could figure it out.’ There are many ways of changing the voices to a more uplifting tone.

The popularity of hypnosis as a measure of dealing with a lack of confidence has been increasing over the years. It provides a unique opportunity to introduce some of the positive thoughts directly to the subconscious while the patient is in a hypnotic state. The positive thoughts are introduced as suggestions that can alter the way the brain perceives its surroundings. Thus, these new positive thoughts can override the old thought systems and lead to an increase in productivity almost immediately.

Licensed Hypnotherapist Terry Doherty provides a full range of services that include confidence-building work. He creates personalised programmes that intertwine personal coaching, hypnosis, and NLP that has led to improved self-confidence in patients throughout Great Britain and Europe.

Terry Doherty works all over the UK working extensively with individual and business clients helping clients to stop smoking, manage weight, manage stress, become more cofident and helping change many other issues. Terry uses the latest techniques of hypnosis, NLP and life coaching skills for profound change. He can be reached at and his stop smoking page is

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