Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Life Lessons From Virginia Tech - Be Happy Now!

Life Lessons From Virginia Tech - Be Happy Now!: "Life Lessons From Virginia Tech - Be Happy Now!
By: Royane Real , Posted On: 2007-04-26

Two things have happened recently that really affected me a lot.

One event of course was the shocking killings of thirty two students and teachers at Virginia Tech in the United States.

When I was reading about this terrible event that made news headlines around the world, I was even more shocked when I read in one of the articles that in the United States, about fifteen young people between the ages of fifteen to twenty-four are killed every single day.

So that the thirty-two people who were killed by a madman in Virginia recently, as terrible as it is, is just the two days toll of the killings that happen to young people every day in the U.S.

If that's true, it means that every month, in the United States, there is the equivalent of fifteen massacres on the scale of what happened in Virginia.

Because every day these killings happen to only one or two young people at a time, it never makes the national, or international news. Each of those young people killed should be valued and remembered just as much as those who were killed in Virginia, but instead, these killings are largely ignored, except for a tiny flurry of local attention in the media.

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