Thursday, July 5, 2007

Life is Abundant: Grab your Riches!

The Universe is in Fact Abundant

So you want to be rich? Well, consider the wish, noble and respect worthy. The truth is, there is plenty of everything to go around, the universe is in fact abundant. You can have anything that you want, if you want riches, it is time you reached out and declared them as yours. As humans, we are entitled to as much of it as we want, as long as we do not take it away from anyone else. Learn how to acquire an abundance in wealth by learning the science of wealth creation. This science has a predictable outcome.It is our birthright to be wealthy and to have an abundance of all good things. Know that the world is abundant in all things; all you have to do is grab your riches!

This idea, that wealth is available to anyone and everyone, that the universe is abundant, may be an abstract concept for many. It took me awhile to accept it when I first heard it, and I had to study and study the concept until I believed it myself. It goes against what many of us have been told or taught all of our lives. Whether we were raised in a family with a poverty mindset or grew up experiencing financial issues, there truly is enough wealth and prosperity for everyone, even if it is not in front of you at this exact moment.

Wealth, prosperity and good fortune do not belong only to people you consider exceptional or better than you, you are equally deserving of good wealth and anything else you wish for. If you do not believe it, that is your limiting beliefs mindset coming into play. Or you do not feel you deserve it, from those negative feelings of lack of self-worth and self-confidence. You do deserve it. Life is abundant, grab your riches.

Life Expressions: Mind, Body and Soul

A man or woman develops in life in mind, body and soul. This is desire for more life expressing itself. The journey and inherent nature of all life is development and everything that lives has an inalienable right to all the development that it is capable of attaining. The purpose of Nature is the advancement of life; every man and woman should have the abundant wealth and prosperity so that they can contribute to the power, elegance, and beauty and be able to participate in all that life and this universe has to offer us. Every person naturally wants to become all that they are capable of; this desire is innate and inherent in all living things. We all feel that urge and need to move forward. Do you notice when you are not happy when you are bored or idle? That is the desire inside of you for more life, advancement and the innate wish to experience new things. We cannot help feeling this way. Success in life is being or becoming all that you want to be or wish to be. Are you successful?

It is perfectly good and noble that you should desire to be wealthy, if you are a normal man or woman, it is a natural trait to seek and advance life, you cannot help thinking and feeling this way. It is perfectly good and right that you focus your attention on the science of success and getting rich in order to obtain more wealth.

Let the Flow of Abundant Wealth Begin

Are you ready to grab your riches? Learn, study, practice and focus on the science of getting rich. Focus on a slow but continual flow of abundance of wealth. Chart your progress, no matter how big or how small and celebrate your success, and more money and wealth will be attracted to you. It is the daily flow of abundance in all things which allows you to live your life as you choose, it is the constant flow of wealth, attracting to you, that gives you the proof and the faith that more good wealth and fortune is coming your way. That complete financial freedom is on its way to you now.

Manifestations of your thoughts, whether they are good thoughts or bad thoughts, occur every day, whether we are believe it or not or whether we are aware of it or not. You have attracted all things into your current life situation-good or bad, it is all you, and only you. These things have been attracted to you by your conscious or subconscious thought; it is always working, for everyone and all the time. It is no more difficult to attract a cup of tea, a green light, or a parking spot than it is good wealth and fortune, it is all in your beliefs, believe it is possible. When you change the way you think and what you believe, you can change your life and change your wealth, you can advance your financial situation and acquire hope for a fuller life expression of the mind, body and soul. Learn, study and master the Secret Science to Getting Rich, and you will get rich. For additional free resources on the attraction of abundance see

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