Tuesday, February 19, 2008

7 Keys for Manifesting your Deepest Desires

By Matt Clarkson
Would you be interested in a simple formula you can use to attract what you want faster than you ever thought you could?

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover here.

You see, I’ve noticed that people make several big mistakes when goal-setting and manifesting. Let’s talk now about how you can avoid these mistakes and create the life you want.

It’s very important that you frame your intentions correctly as I’m about to explain. Do the following whenever you set intentions and goals and you’ll find yourself attracting good things at a speed that will amaze you.

By the way, if you prefer the word “goals” or “outcomes” instead of the word “intention” - that’s fine. I’m going to use the word “intention” to mean all of these things.

So let’s discuss The 7 Keys For Manifesting Your Deepest Desires…

Key #1: Make Sure You Set Your Intention!

I know it sounds obvious but this has to be the number one reason why people don’t get what they want. Look, in any situation you’re either creating what you want or you’re reacting to what is.

When people pretend they are not responsible for what they’re creating in their lives, they’re really choosing to accept what they DON’T want.The first step in creating your life the way you want it is to accept responsibility for what is. It’s not Mum and Dad’s fault, the boss’s fault or God’s fault. You’re driving you’re own bus and you’re the one who’s in control of your life.

This can be a bitter pill to swallow for many people. But anything less than accepting full responsibility for what you attract will not manifest your deepest desires. Let’s look at the next key, shall we?

Key #2: Make Your Intention Best For All

Many goal-setting methods encourage us to set all kinds of goals without fully considering the consequences. The problem with that is that what’s good for one area of your life may have a negative impact on the rest of your life, others or the planet.

Okay, I’m sure the majority of people have good motives and would not knowingly set intentions that would hurt themselves or others. However, it’s also true that the enemy of the BEST is often the GOOD. An intention may be safe for all, but is it really what’s BEST for all? I encourage you to consider the consequences and to always check in with your heart before setting an intention. I like to meditate before setting an intention on the bigger issues. Get this key right and you’ll have the inertia of the Universe working with you.

Key #3: Your Intention Must Be Positively Stated

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before - but are you applying it? Listen carefully to what you say to yourself when you talk about what you want and don’t want.What percentage of what you say is framed negatively like, “I’m sick of work” or, “We need to stop arguing” etc etc. Negatively framed intentions need to be changed to the positive. What DO you want?

Key #4: Your Intention Must Be Clear & Concise

Go ahead and write pages of detail about your dreams. Going into lots of detail creates the passion needed to turn your dreams into reality. Just be sure that you also have a statement of intent in the form of a nutshell type statement.By clear and concise I mean one or two sentences at the most. Remember - If you cannot say it, you cannot have it!

Key #5: State Your Intention In Present Tense Language

Frame your intention in present tense language. For example, don’t say, “By 1st January 2010 I will own a Ferrari”. Instead say, “It is now 1st January 2010 and I’m looking at my brand new Ferrari”. Framing your intention in the present tense helps you create the feeling of already having created your outcome. This is very important.

Key #6: Your Intention Should Be Both Believable & Challenging

You must believe and expect your outcome is on it’s way. Nothing gives you more belief than a history of success. If you’ve never had success in some area, it’s better to start smaller - get some successes under your belt and build up.Play with the time limit and the size of the goal. If you’ve always been successful in a given area then it’s time to scale up your intention and/or move it closer to the present. What would be more challenging for you? Set intentions that stretch you and that you can fully believe will happen in the time frame you set.

Key #7: Know Your Evidence Procedure

Critically important. How will you know when your outcome has happened? Where will you be? What will be your experience? What will you see, hear, feel, say and do etc?Build the evidence procedure into your statement of intent. For example, “It is now 1st January 2010 and I am looking at my brand new Ferrari and I feel great!” Including the evidence procedure makes it easy for the Universe to understand your intention and make it manifest. Finally, some of this may serve as a reminder of what you already know to make sure you’re putting this into practice.

You may also find that you’ve been missing one or more of these keys and that by adding the missing key, you’ll sky-rocket your results. “To infinity and beyond”!

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