Friday, February 15, 2008

Don't Worry Too Much

by Gary Vurnum
"I’m ’lucky’ in that I am a very positive person. Well, I’m
not really lucky…and the only reason that I am so positive
is that I live my life ’in the moment’.

If you can stop worrying about what you’ve done in the past,
and stop worrying about how your actions will affect your
future…then you will open yourself up to all sorts of
positive events and people that the ’new’ you will

Everyone has to worry…but you must try only to worry about
what you (and only you) have direct control over.

Worry about anything else outside of that…and you will
probably be worrying about something that may never even

Action Point:

What can you stop worrying about that you don’t have control

Nobody has the ’perfect life’.

Everyone has the ability to manage the positives and
negatives in their lives.

Don’t let the negatives get on top of you…otherwise they
will just overtake the positives - and you will be
constantly miserable as a result."

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