Friday, February 29, 2008

Personality Test

There are several tests to judge the mental aptitude. Motivation level, attitude, inter personal skills and communications skills of a person. Many companies, prior to recruitment, conduct these tests as they find the formal way of face to face interviews not good enough to judge the personality of an individual. These personality tests are done in a controlled environment. The personality test can identify an individual’s:

• value system,
• emotional reaction to a critical situation,
• moods and handling a crisis,
• ability to adjust himself to the stress of day-to-day executive lifestyle,
• self confidence, personal ambition , emotional control and sociability etc.

To assess some of the behavioral traits such as impulsive, emotional reaction, fear, patience, distrust, optimism, initiative and leadership capability, the companies generally conduct these tests. This can be used for the selection of the right candidate who can handle difficult situations with case.

There are three types of personality test, which are conducted by most of the companies. We may like to know what are intended for and how they are conducted.
Objective test:

These tests are conducted to assess the level of irrational tendencies in a person that arise in a not always get a working environment where all his subordinates are co-operative of his endeavour. These tests indicate the self-confidence of the person and also help in assessing the domination and submission of the person.
Projective test:

These are some of the tests in which a person is required to interpret the situation or react to a stimulus. The response of the person to these stimuli will indicate the person’s motives, value and his personality in total. When we are required to react to such a situation, we always to interpret it in a way we deem is right as per our own value. The results will be biased if the person conducting the test has indicated his own view.
Situation test :

These assess a person’s capability of handling stress. These tests are conducted in a room with no identified leader to guide it to structured discussions. The discussion is allowed to take its own course and people are allowed to come out freely and openly to express themselves. People generally behave spontaneously in such an environment.

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