Saturday, March 15, 2008

Listen To Personal Development Tapes Or CDs In Your Car

This is also known as 'Automobile University'. Travelling
time is usually wasted time for most people. Imagine how
your life could improve by listening to the best in the
business for an hour every day on your journey to and from

At the very least, it will set you up for your day in a
positive fashion.

Time wasted is the same as opportunity wasted…once it is
gone you can never get it back. Make the most of this 'dead'
time and within a few short months you life could be
completely different to what it is now.

Action Point:

How can you use your 'dead' time more effectively?

It's surprising how those little 'snippets' of time add up.

It might only take you a couple of days to listen to an
hour long tape or CD. Imagine how much you could learn in a
whole year of using this time more effectively!


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