Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plan Your Day Garry Vurnum

You would never attempt to drive somewhere without having
an idea of how to get there - so why should it be any
different to plan where your life is moving to each day?

You don't have to plan your time to the nearest hour - but
if you set yourself hourly, or morning and afternoon, or
daily, targets then at least you can look back at the end
of each day knowing that you have at least achieved

I have a target of writing 1,000 words EVERY DAY. I know
that by doing this I will complete the equivalent of a book
every 90 days. I also know that, in order for me to be as
successful as I want to be, I need to keep producing more

How do I stick to this?

Well, I give myself one day's grace a week where I let
myself have a break…but I have to make it up the next day.
And…I don't go to sleep until I've written my 1,000 words
for the day. It's as simple as that.

Action Point:

What demanding, yet achievable, task can you set for
yourself every day?

It's amazing how powerful habits can be (just ask a smoker).

Once you get out of a routine…it is so difficult to get
back into! So…begin by aiming to achieve something
(anything!)every day, and just take it from there.