Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ways To Reach More People

Few days back i was discussing with my friend. He is working in software industry. He is my friend guide and philosopher in the cyber world. I was bit worried about my page rank and I wanted visitors from all over the world.
He explained me various ways to increase the traffic to my web page. He told that I must submit my webpage to various search engine. This is the best way to get people from the search engines.
Then i asked him if i want visitors who are interested in the topic of my web site i.e. Personality development. He added for that i must submit my page to various web directories. This directory submission is very useful for business. This just like a telephone directory with yellow pages. When somebody seeks information about business in particular area he can easily reach the useful link. Suppose in the directory if somebody wants somebody from Mumbai India, or from Connecticut US or from london, or New Jersey ,New York, Pennsylvania , or anywhere in the world then the yellow page directory will be so huge it will be difficult to handle.
To overcome this we have now smart option of Business listing on the net which will solve the problem of keeping a hip of yellow page and giving you smart option Of Online business directory. Get registered for the directory.
Also you can think of backlinks. Back links may be a link placed on the page or a back link placed on the article is good choice. You can submit your article to various article sites with your back link and it will help you to enhance your page rank.
I want you all readers to participate in this article by comenting and sharing ideas to improve appearance on the web.
Good Luck.


  1. Leaving a trail of links in as many places as you can, can help develop traffic. I have register at some newsletter directories as well. thanks for the information on the directories you mentioned.

    Thanks for the article.


  2. Hi Nick and thanks for the comment. Can you please tell me more about registering at newsletter directories?
    Thanks Regards