Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My goal of the Year 2009

This year i have set my goal to have good communication with my family friend and clients. Most of the time i fail to communicate in time and i loose many chance to express my love, affection to many of them. Latter I feel very guilty and so i decided to set goal to have good communication skill. So i decided to create my own directory. To do this i decided to use proper exchange tool . I can use this to maintain list of my customers family members and friends. I m now using active directoy management tool to create and maintane a proper list of the people to whom i want to commumicate. I keep their address birthdays and important events in their life. And i also use exchange management tool
I must share the ideas and i am using one exchange management tool to share the ideas and experiences.
This will help me to keep the communication and the active directory manager will help me to communicate fast with my resource person and i can amaze them by wishing on their birthdays and important events in their life.I can now imagine how good they will feel when i wish them intime. The secret of this in time call is ofcourse the directory management tool supported with exchange management tool.
I have set this goal and i am very sure i will get many improvements in my as well as their life with idea exchange management tool.
Hope all of you will work on this idea and share your views with me to get better results and to improve life.

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