Friday, January 30, 2009

SMART Planning

If you want to achieve any task you must remember SMART.
SMART is simple
S stands for Specific. If u want to go to certain place you must know the exact address. Once you know the exact address you define your road to reach the place. You can take help of various atals, directory. If you want to create your own web page you must know exactly the web hosting articles which are important to complete. Also you must be familiar with the web hosting process. If you don't know this then see for any web hosting tutorial. You must submit the site you prepare to various directories and search engines to enhance the rating of the website you created.
M Stands for Mesurable- If you decided to do some task you must know exactly how much time it will take to accomplish and how much it will cost also you must know the time period it will take to accomplish. So in this respect it must be measurable.
A stands for Achievable:- The goal you decide must be achievable. Suppose you decide to earn Rs 1000000/- by FEB28 2009 and your current income is rs 500 day then its not achievable by the date you chose. But if you decided to achieve it by decide by end of dec 2009 then it may be quite achievable.
R stands for Review
You must review your goals on regular basis and then should not distract from the road.
T stand for time bound You must set the clear deadline to achieve goal. otherwise your goal will be a mere wish.
Try this simple method of planning to achieve goal.

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