Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Affirming your Life - Tips on Manifesting What you Truly Desire

This article is dedicated to someone who really needs to hear this. My God, I hope it is you.

So many of us wander from relationship, marriage, to another one. Suddenly, you have no one to blame, but life, in general, because nothing seems to make any real sense.

Don't you begin to wonder, "What is it all about?"

Of course, you are not alone. Most of us, sooner, or later go up against that big question, "What is it all about?"

You're born, you're raised, you raise hell, you find a mate, you raise small carbons of you and your mate, you expect them to be better, or as good as you were, you kick back, watch life go by, engage life, when you want to. You begin to feel life creeping up, you panic, you pay for extra health benefits, your spouse gets sick and dies, you feel abandoned and very fragile, your kids try to comfort you, but no one can, not now. You begin to wonder, what life really means, but it has taken on a whole new question, no one can answer for you, then, then.. then.

I can't tell you what it's all about. I don't believe any article, or website can do this for you. Although, I am sure many have tried to find their answers, hidden in some story; something about them. In the end, I believe you have to rise up and find the courage for yourself, to move on.

Purpose? Life's calling?

The number one question is, "Will my life work out?" All lives work out. So, stop worrying. Everything works out for the greater good. And, the answer is, NO! I cannot tell you about, "the greater good." It is very private information. Such is life, damn it!!

Start right now, by affirming your life. Talk to yourself, honestly, what is it that you want now, then; Go get it and don't let it go.

Your life is what matters the most. Begin by affirming your life, and what you want it to mean to you, then take action. This is the only life you have now, so take it and make it mean something for you.

There is a law in the universe. It is very real. It's time to start using it for you, because no one else can, but you.

The law of attraction simply works. You will have to take my word on it. It's roots are in metaphysics, as well as quantum mechanics. Start using it to help you get where you want to go.

Stop telling yourself all that crap, about how it doesn't matter anyway. Start telling yourself all of that good stuff, you can't seem to believe. About, how good you really are. How you really do love all those people that have always been there for you. I know sometimes, it didn't seem like they were, but they were only doing the best they could do, from where they came from.

Continue affirming your life, by becoming yourself again. The only one in your way, is you. So, push yourself out of the way and let everyone know, you are here. And please.., don't let us stand in your way.

Tell yourself what it is you want, and stand on it. "I am getting what I need." It's a start. It will feed on itself, but you have to believe it is possible; if only for a moment.

The universe will answer you. If you don't believe in it, then God will, but, please have some faith, if only a little. This simple statement, "I am getting what I need." will get you by, for now.

God bless all of you.
Dade Wiggins
Dade Wiggins is a metaphysical, content writer, author, photographer, husband, father. He has a B.Ph in philosophy and studies metaphysical science.
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