Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do You Know The True Nature Of Your Brain?

Throughout the world, Brain, mind, soul and consciousness are used interchangeably during conversations. Brain is the most vital physical organ in the body and is like a master computer. Mind is subtle body that operates through brain and five sense organs. Thoughts, emotions, ego, memory, sensations, reasoning, logic, desires operates through mind. Soul is human essence, your sense of self and operates through mind; and it is behind: I am what I am. Consciousness is unconditioned awareness that transcends time and space. It also operates through mind, infinite, immaterial, immortal, instrument for salvation. It is the universal principle, pervading the entire world of nature and no scientist can reproduce, test, reproduce or understand.
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Brain understands better with comparison. Brain is like an umbrella and it works better when it is open. 20% of body oxygen goes to brain. Brain weighs about 1350-1450 grams. There are 10 trillion cells, 20 billion neurons (nerve cells), and 30,000 genes. One cubic centimeter of brain tissue has one trillion connections like an internet net work. It functions and operates with electrical and chemical impulses. It regulates your body, blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, temperature and is the only organ with auto-regulation. With brain, every thing is a balance of act. Human brain has enough redundancy and plasticity.

I hope this gave you an idea of the power of your brain. You can expand your horizons with the power of your brain. There is no limit to it. Just by a thought with your mind you can travel to anywhere in the universe with the blink of your eye. Nothing in the universe can travel faster than your mind and thought. Human brain alone invented computer to spaceship and put a man on the moon.Click Here!

Emotions stem from your thoughts. Negative emotions like anger, hatred, intolerance to other religions and cultures; bigotry, sectarianism, prejudice, hypocrisy, and discrimination; not only create unhappiness but have the toll on your bodily health. They can lead to hypertension, depression, obesity, heart problems and strokes. On the contrary, if you nurture your brain with positive thoughts; they elevate your self esteem and bring happiness into your life and you maintain a healthy content life.
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The most important for you to remember is that you can change what you think and gain some conscious control over your emotional life. It is the power of your brain to change your mind for the better.

Any person can understand the true nature of one's brain power. Knowledge is always there and you only shed your incognizance through knowledge of your true inner self; just like a snake sheds its old skin every month in order to gain new skin.
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  1. Brain is really an unknown organ of human body, It;s very very big!!!
    thanks for the great post