Thursday, April 29, 2010

Debt Control - A Skill You Really Need to Learn

How to keep control of your debts, reduce them, or even avoid getting into debt in the first place might be one of the most important financial lessons you ever learn. Having excessive debt can damage your health and relationships and will keep you poor, so it is important to know how to keep it under control.
Debt Control - The Basics
You cannot control your debts if you don't know what they are. Record all of your debts in one place with amount outstanding, repayment amount, interest rate, and time to repay. You can use this information to help you to decide which of your debts to pay off first.

You cannot plan to pay off your debt if you don't understand how much you earn and how much you spend each month. Use your bank statement to write down a complete list of everything you earn and spend in a month. This will help you to see if you are able to pay off your debt on your current income.
If you feel that your debt situation is getting out of control then seek the advice of a reputable debt organization, preferably a charity or a company that gives initial consultations free. One thing that you must not do if you are in this situation is nothing (and another is taking on more debt). Delay can make things much worse and make the job of resolving your debt situation far worse when you eventually have to face it (which you inevitably will).

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  1. I think most of our problem is dept, if someone doesn't get enough in life, debt and fear are the first problems that must be solved.