Saturday, June 26, 2010

Emotions: Do You Own Them, Or Do They Own You?

The only difference between joyful moments and others... is you.

As humans, we have the ability to create a thought process after feeling an emotion. It is what happens within those after thoughts that determine if you consider a feeling to be good or bad. After your initial judgment has been made, your mind believes it to be true and continues to create even more of it.

Surely you have heard the old adage, “People are not born with an instruction manual”. Although this may be true, our feelings are the closest thing you can get.

Unfortunately, because of this missing manual, we have learned to misuse our inner compasses. We have gotten lost in the endless stream of thoughts that are being created by our emotions. Depression and darkness, both within and around us has spiraled out of control in the wake of all our confusion.

But after all, it’s not our fault, right? If there were no teacher, how could we learn? Emotions 101 was not on the roster when I went to school.

As history unfolds, we are witnessing the evolution of mankind and in that; we are writing this manual that generations to come will so desperately need.

There is no excuse these days to continue to be ignorant of our feelings and our reactions to them. With access to the internet you can learn about whatever it is that your little heart desires, within moments. The small world of Quantum Physics alone has been throwing open countless doors that have been nailed shut to us for years. Doctors and scientists alike are being amazed daily as they continue to dive into the unknown.

But before we can truly master our universe, we must first master ourselves.

The biggest mistake in the mainstream belief system today is that we are the product of our environment, when the opposite actually holds true. We create the world we share from the inside out, not from the outside in. Believing this statement then would conclude why we are all seeing so much hatred and chaos in the streets, it’s only a mirror of our very own confused, collective minds.

We live and experience life in a world of opposites. We would not know light if we didn’t first know dark, we would have no good if there were no such thing as bad, no sweet if it weren’t for the sour, no up or down, no left or right…people need a comparable for life to make any sense.

When it comes to emotions, we have learned to stuff them, keep them hidden away for nobody to see, sometimes not even by you. Not dealing with our negative feelings was a survival technique in a world of thieves and evil. But as our world changes we are beginning to see a better way, the opposite way, to feel and use our emotions to help us grow.

Humans have been doing unimaginable harm with the art keeping their feelings under lock and key. Instead of wasting so much energy trying NOT to feel our feelings, we should be experiencing them. After all, we have them for a reason. How did we ever miss that?

We are all born with the ability to feel emotions, so why do we spend most of our days trying to avoid them? Our true power actually lies in the feeling, using them to our benefit or deciding to release them if we determine they are unwanted. Free will points to this truth, we always have choices no matter what.

We have to take responsibility for ourselves if we ever want to survive as a species. When we do learn how to constructively use our emotions as a positive navigation system, then and only then will there be hope for us to do what we came here to do.

There are many practices out there that help people everyday learn about their own emotions, how to deal with them, how to change them, how to understand them and what they are trying to tell you. Most importantly of all, we must understand how to let them go.

Our emotions and feelings are a type of energy system. The longer we hold on to and analyze them, the more energy we add to them. The key is to feel that energy system the moment it occurs, and decide whether you want to expand on them or to let them flow out of you, verses carrying all of them around with you like luggage.

The secret to ‘finding yourself’ isn’t in where you have traveled or the people you know, or even in the books you read. Finding yourself is to look right under your own nose, to your heart. Look within and find all the peace, harmony and joy you can ever imagine.

We are all here to experience the joy of life as it unfolds – the rewards are not hidden at the destination, they are found throughout the Journey itself.

About Author

Buffy Carney is an Sspiring Writer and Life Coach/Advisor.

Feel free to visit her personal blog to learn more about being in control of and using your emotions to empower your life with the release technique.

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